Investigations: Advertising Injury

Intellectual Property Investigations, Advertising Injury, Continental Enterprises

Question: Another company is using our logo to promote their business. How can we stop it?

Advertising injury dilutes the value of your intellectual property ("IP") and allows companies that provide inferior quality products and service to unfairly compete with you. Even small infringers can have a cumulative dramatic impact on your goodwill.

The shift in the US to a service-based economy has fostered a surge in improperly branded services. As a result, businesses must increasingly deal with the misuse of their intellectual property by competitors. Addressing this problem typically is costly because the infringers are often small and numerous. Continental Enterprises' Advertising Injury Program solves this problem.

As part of this Program, Continental will:

  • Actively seek out improper uses of your IP;
  • Take action against the infringers and reclaim your IP;
  • Pursue monetary compensation from the infringers for the misuse of your IP;
  • Establish a referral process for dealing with infringements that your staff or your customers uncover;

Regardless of whether the advertising injury exists online, on site, or in print, we are able to eliminate spurious ads. Taking action against these violations is an important facet in your overall IP protection because it prevents brand dilution and hinders the ability to create unfair competition. Doing so also helps to protect the legitimate business partnerships you have developed. Ad injuries are an actionable offense that we can address for you in an economic manner.